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Shih Tzu puppy has two rows of teeth! Is this normal, and if not....?

She is 5 months old now and I noticed that she has a second row of teeth coming in. Is this normal, and if not, what is a roundabout cost of dental extraction?

Shih Tzu puppy has two rows of teeth! Is this normal, and if not....?
My chihuahua had a double row of teeth. My vet told me to wait a year and if they didn't fall out he would have to pull them. They didn't fall out and it cost me about $70 to have them extracted.
Reply:I have two shih tzus and they don't have two rows of teeth. I am sure it is not common. SO.... I would check with your ver to see if it needs attention. I would think it would be pricey since they would have to put your dog to sleep. Best wishes
Reply:Give it some time. It might be teething and hasn't been able to get the old ones out yet. Watch it closely, and if the baby teeth don't start falling out, or your dog appears to be in pain take it to the vet.

On Monday morning, call and ask your vet to be sure. Most vets will answer simple questions like this for free and it will will give you a reliable opinion.
Reply:This happens often with smaller dogs. Normally it will only happen with the canine teeth. It's just because the baby teeth don't fall out before the "mature" teeth grow in. You can wait a few days, and if they don't fall out on their own, then take your puppy to the vet, so they can remove the puppy teeth.
Reply:Sounds like a shark. LOL

Well, the least expensive way of course would be to both message the baby teeth and see if eventually they will loosen for you, and get some raw hides and see if your puppy can work them out. Sometimes you have to soften the raw hide (I would use chips with a Shih) by soaking an end in water. Than the dogs will have something to chew on. If you have a vet do it they will most likely need anesthesia, Isoflorine may be preferred.
Reply:Sounds like her permanent teeth are coming in before she has finished shedding her baby teeth.

I would simply call my vet's office and ask to speak to him/her and ask, over the phone, if he/she thinks this will work itself out (and when?) or if he/she knows this to be a sign that the baby teeth will need to be extracted.
Reply:Is it a whole row of teeth? My yorkie had somewhat of a second row...just a few places where there where two of the same tooth. She lost all of the "puppy teeth" and her big girl teeth remained. Called the vet and they said it was normal. Not sure about a whole second row though.
Reply:I have an 11 month old Shih Tzu puppy and no, she has never had two rows of teeth. Maybe the extra teeth will fall out on their own, but only a vet will be able to advise you on that. Hopefully you won't need to pay for extractions as to have them removed will be costly. Best of luck to you and your puppy.
Reply:It's not that uncommon for carnivores to grow some of their permanent teeth while the milk teeth are still in place. Usually the baby teeth come out within a few days. You don't usually see them lying around because they get swallowed with food. If your puppy still has double rows of teeth in a few days you should check with your veterinarian.
Reply:If your puppy still has puppy teeth, you need to take him into the vet and have the puppy teeth pulled as they can cause him complications as he gets older. It really isn't that big of a deal, a lot of dogs get double teeth and just have to have them pulled. Hope this helps, Just have the vet look at them..
Reply:well... this is not common i know a PERSON who has a second row of teeth theres nothing rong with him


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