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Do puppys lose there puppy coat?

my german shepherd is now 5 1/2 months old and she is moulting terribly which i am surprised that she is moulting this much as it is cold and i would have thought that by now she would be needing her winter coat, so do they lose there puppy coats like they lose there puppy teeth or is there another reason for this extreme shedding, she is in excellent health, eats well, plenty of fluids, had all her jabs, overall her health is excellent she is also a very happy puppy, i have checked her coat and she has no signs of any fleas although she has been frontlined by the vet so i would be surprised if there was fleas, and her skin is in good can any one maybe have a clue as to why this is happening, this is my first puppy so i am new at this , i have experience with older dogs as i used to have rescue dogs, but as i have a disabled child i deceided to get a pup and she loves the children. so answers on a postcard please, many thanks.

Do puppys lose there puppy coat?
Not a breed I would recommend for a first time owner with a disabled child unless the older dogs were Shepherds Too!

Yes she is shedding her coat as all pups do whatever the time of year. Adult shepherds are also shedding and growing in their winter coats. It is later this year as the weather as been mild! I hope you realise that she will shed all year round whatever the weather and needs to have a good grooming at least 2-3 times if short haired, daily if long-haired. Even with grooming they lose lots of hair and a really good vacuum cleaner is needed to cope with it. Basic training is VERY important with Shepherds and other 'guard' breeds and they require time and attention that some other breeds dont.

But having said all that yes They are great with children when brought up with them and a lovely dog when trained so hope you enjoy your time with her!
Reply:yes they do,plus they put on a winter and summer coat too when the seasons change
Reply:Yes dogs do lose their puppy coat, usually they lose it from their body and then the ears last, also seasons will mean they moult, so they will lose their summer coat when it gets cold to grow a thicker winter one ect. German Shepherds however, moult all year round. I used to have one and had to hoover daily, its unfortunately a price you have to pay to share your life with this wonderful dog. If you keep on top of it however, its not too bad, a quick run round with the hoover will sort it.
Reply:if the heats already on it can cause the sheding too. my dogs have always been inside dogs so once the heat went on, the fur was all over the place
Reply:yes they lose their puppy coat. If she lives indoors in a centrally heated home, she will moult all year round. If dogs live outside they moult only twice a year.. When was the last time she was frontlined? Why did your vet use this particular product? Did you ask for it? Vets push the frontline because they get the largest profit mark up on it. The best one to use is called stronghold and since you have children I would have thought this the best oiption for you. You put the drops on her neck every month and it keeps her free from fleas, ticks, earmite, mange and worms. The latetr is vital for children since they can become blind if infected by the toxacara canis worm. Stronghold is only available on prescription so ask your vet for one. You don't have to buy the stuff from him, you can use a company like hyperdrug and get it from them or ask your vet to price match (mine does). Frontline seemd to stop being effective some 3 years ago now. I have lots of dogs and cats and friends run rescue kennels and we were all having massive flea problems in spite of using frontline. It wasn't until we changed to the stronghold that things improved. My own vet doesn't have it in stock and orders it in for me. It was him who told me about the profit margin thing . I have a brilliant vet who is always totally honest with me.
Reply:yes, they do lose their puppy fur, but the new coat replaces it.
Reply:Yes. It gets more coarse as they grow older.
Reply:It`s my favourite breed of dog. Have you read the book entitled `Living with a German Shepherd dog, if not get it , it`s good read.

Loyal + loving, that is what I`ve found.

good luck.
Reply:Yes they do.

You might notice that the hair along her spine has become flatter and coarser than the rest of her coat which would have been soft and fluffy when you first got her.

This new adult coat will spread so that all the soft downy coat will be replaced by a smoother, waterproof coat. Her coat colour will also change to some extent.

If she has a lot of black on her legs this could be replaced by tan or gold and she might be left with a black saddle and black around her muzzle.

The moulting is probably normal but if it becomes thin and dull or you are still worried you could have a word with one of the nurses at your Vets. The nurse will be able to tell you whether the coat loss is normal or whether you need to see the Vet.
Reply:yes they do lose there puppy fur mine as just gone through it she 18 month old they have two big moults a year summer and winter they do moult all year but it is not that much when they have the big one you never have the vac UN plug if you brush there fur the wrong way then the other way you will get more hair off they have two coats a top coat and a underneath one you can get some oil to put in there food it helps to reduce the moulting and it makes there coat shine and keeps it in good conditioner it is called VITAPET MOULT FORMULA COAT CONDITIONER have had german shepards all my life and would not be with out one hope this helps you
Reply:yes they do but its going 2 b a big dog needs lots of your time is this the best dog 4 u
Reply:Why don't you publish this question as a book? Or serialise it?


Siberian Husky teeth?

My Siberian Husky (Juno, Male) puppy lost one of his puppy teeth the other day. We found it in his throw up. He is about 10 weeks old. Is this the normal age for him to be losing his teeth and is that the reason why he threw up?



Siberian Husky teeth?
oh, its okay.

my shih tzu puppy has lost her, too. its called teething. normally, he will start to chew on things. mine chewed on chair legs, she never even touched her toys when she was teething. its normal. after they r gone, adult teeth will grow in, so its okay. he threw it up because his acid couldnt melt it down, and it was a foreign object, so its just a response. my shih tzu did it, too! all the previous dogs i had also threw up their teeth if they accidentaly swallowed it. itll soon pass. dont worry. =] hope this helps!
Reply:Dogs don't loose teeth. No it isn't normal. I got my dog at 3 or 4 months and she has never lost any teeth. take him to his vet.
Reply:Of course, dog loose teeth. I have a husky also. I'm not shure about the age though. It sounds about right though.
Reply:ya its about time for teeth losing .. she proboly threw it up because her stomach was upset for somereason and the tooth just didnt get broken down my stomach acid
Reply:Puppies lose their "puppy teeth" just like people lose their baby teeth. 10 weeks old sounds young for this. Most of my dogs lost theirs at about five months old. I've never seen a dog throw up for this reason but If he only threw up once I wouldn't worry about it.
Reply:dogs do lose teeth, but i don't know what age is normal


Puppy that bites, help?

My 4 month old Aussie/Husky male puppy bites.

Not hard or to injure, but he's got sharp puppy teeth and he needs to stop.

Its how he tries to initiate play too, if he wants to play, he'll bring the toy over and bite your feet or legs until you pick up the toy.

I've tried the yelping technique and it just seems to confuse him more than anything else. I don't want to use his crate as a place of punishment for biting because it took forever to convince him he's a good boy when he's in there.

Help please?


Puppy that bites, help?
Way cute pup!

When puppies bite each other during play, they can bite harder because their skin is tougher than ours. When they hurt each other, they yelp and stop playing for a second... then it's back on.

What you need to do when he bites you (no matter how hard) is "Yipe!" in a loud, high pitched voice and rectract your hand/foot, stop playing for a minute. Your pup will more than likely stop, look at you quizzically (cock his head) and offer you a lick, or an I'm sorry nuzzle. Then pet him and you can continue playing... He should get the idea. Later, when he's older you can introduce the command 'No bite' or 'No teeth'.

Good luck!!
Reply:dont worry his a puppy's he is just energetic he will grow out of it
Reply:This is the best I can suggest.....;...
Reply:Ok, now he is a cutie!! I mean honestly he is a little dream boat.

Never use their crate as punishment. It is suppost to be a source of comfort and safety.....

Try this website. Good luck with those sharp little puppy teeth.
Reply:Husky's are very very stuborn i have a german shepard husky mix that used to bite me all the time when she didnt get what she wanted. Then i saw something where they tell you to bite your dogs ear (NOT HARD) but so they know you are not messing around, In husky's since they are pack dogs that is what the pack leader would do to the dog who wasnt doing something right. Dont hit your dog for biting it will make it worse and make the dog mean, (my inlaws have a crazy corgi) Huskys are also mouthy. you can try a plastic bone that has little bumps on it they help.
Reply:It's normal for puppies to play this way. Something that works sometimes if it you completely ignore him when he bites you (especially if he is trying to get your attention to play). My puppy would jump up on me when he wanted to play and after continuing to ignore him when he does this he now sits in front of me and whines a little if he wants attention. If your puppy is alreay playing with you and he bites, say "No" then walk away from him, come back in a minute or so and start playing with him again, if he bites, again say no and walk away. Eventually he should get the idea that every time he bites, play stops.
Reply:I've got an aussie/golden retriever mix. Does the same thing. Grab the snout and yell no. Simple and effective

I hope that helps. :( Every time he starts to bite hard just snap "NO!" or go "AH. AH." really high pitched. Pull away immediately and tap him on the nose or mist water in his face with a spray bottle.
Reply:yes they can grow out of it but it can become a bad habit he still needs to be told in in a firm voice no, an dont play with him when he bites or he will get confused my new puppy wants to bite my toes when i walk, it took a couple of days to stop him now he is great thank goodness sharp little teeth good luck oh ,hes awesome

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Puppy Biting?

I know puppies teeth but mine bites a lot more than any puppy ive ever owned before (he's like 3 months old now). He also started bitin the corners of the couch. I dont let him chew on my hands even though thats really tough cause its like impossible to pet him, he has plenty of different types of chew toys, ive bought him that bitter apple spray stuff and sprayed it liberally on items, but he continues to bite everything...(the vet didnt see anythin wrong with him) should i be concerned about this aggresivish bitin habit? is this normal for a pomeranian? any thoughts are welcome...

Puppy Biting?
my dog did that all the time when he was a puppy, we didn't really do much to stop it because he was teething. I wish we would have tried to stop it because now when you pick him up to put him out, he will bite or when you try to pet him he bites. I would continue telling your dog no, and using the apple spray. But it is normal for puppies to be chewing that much.
Reply:its ok
Reply:ask a vet?
Reply:IDK if thats normal but I would slap him untill he stopped bitting. Dont mean to sound cruel but u gotta show him whos boss.
Reply:all puppies bite people cuz thatz how they play, all of the dogs ive had did the same thing
Reply:It's a small dog thing, He's teething also, my chihuahua was like that he'd bite anything even mine and my husbands nipples got bitten at times lol
Reply:i have never had that kind of dog, so i wouldn't know if it's normal behavior.

My Father-In-Law cured his dog of chewing on things such as furnature by getting tobasco sauce, and putting a little on a Q tip, and dabbing a little where he didn't want the dog to bite. The dog gets that on their tongue, and they will realize that is someplace they don't want to bite. it is not harmful in any way.
Reply:Hell no it's not ok. Put some gloves on for the mean time. See a dog trainer about this problem, so the dog doesn't see this as an ok thing to do on a regular basis. You have to put a stop to this behavior now.
Reply:Fill another another bottle with water and spray him when he bites. Make sure to say 'NO!' each timeyou spray him, later him just hearing the word should stop him.
Reply:It is normal! But if you want it to quit you are going to have to make sure everytime you catch him in the act you tell him no in a stern voice so he knows that you are serious! If it gets really bad you can always try a shock collar or get bitter apple spray from the pet store they both work very well just if you get a schock collar don't put it over 2 . Best of luck with your new baby!
Reply:well some breeds chew more then others you should look up the breed and find out more about their habits but here are some tricks get a spray bottle with water and squirt him every time he does it or u can get a soda can and put a few Penny's in it then shake it when he does something wrong. DONT LET HIM BITE ANYBODY OR EVEN YOU if u let him that can lead to him thinking its OK to bite people don't want him to get comfortable in that
Reply:I feel your pain. I have 4 dogs. My first one was so bad that I went to a butcher to get stew bones to give the dog, so he would have something to chew on. I really needed a rest from him biting at my hands and legs. He or she will grow out of this. The only thing you can do is to keep available chew toys that the dog likes to keep him occupied. I used to spray the bitter apple in my dog's mouth when he tried to chew things. However, I had a very, very stubborn dog. He still is. You can also try "Boundary" which is another spray that is supposed to keep dogs away. Warning though, it really stinks. Don't spray this directly in your dog's mouth. I wish you luck. It will all end. Hopefully by the time their 1-2 years of age.
Reply:My puppy went through a biting phase, the all did. When the went to bite my hand, I would grab their lower jaw and sternly say," No bite". It did take a while but now when hands get near their mouth they clam up and lick like crazy. Chewing on things, don't give them toys, that encourages biting and chewing. One drop of Tabasco and they wont bite it again.
Reply:We had a dog that chew on things til she was about a year old. But we gave her lots of toys so she would go after those. I would ask the vet how long he thinks the phase will last.

My parents had a problem with the hound dog getting into cat food, and on the kitchen table so they use a squirt bottle to get her to stop. Now we say squirt gun and she stops immediatly. I know other people who use the squirt bottle method with great results.
Reply:I just wrote about this to someone else...but when the dog bites she just biting like your her toy...if so...thats not agressive....but if dshe is turning her head after your hand and is stiffened up...then you have an aggressive dog..and you need to send her back or get real training for her....flip her on her back put your neck over her neck and make a growel noise....thats what her mom woukd do...make sure your the alpha dog....

also the bitter apple....I didnt have mich luck w that years ago...i had this prob...and white furnature...I took joy(any dish liquid soap) rubbed it on my hands and went around the corners of my tables and couch shoes throw rugs everthing that zoe even looked at 2ce...i rubbed the soap on it was lite...never noticed a film or a slick...try it it really worked for us

good luck w that
Reply:My husband trained out puppy to not bite by doing the bottom jaw thing like the other person. They can't bite down then. Also, instead of tabasco on your couches or fabric, I used Red Cayenne Pepper so it wouldn't stain on my wood dining room chairs. I've heard of the spraying water thing but, then he won't like to go by water. Not sure.
Reply:It's happened all the time with my dogs. Try this... whenever he bites you you must yelp or squeal because by making a high pitched noise indicates that your hurt. It reminds your dog when he use to play with his litter mates and when they play too rough they yelp as a doggy saying " ow that hurts". After you squeal turn around and completely ignore him. Continue this until he gets the message. For the destructive biting on the couch you should fill a spray bottle with WATER and then whenever you catch him chewing on the couch. Spray a little squirt and say NO firmly. Hope this helps! It worked with my dogs.
Reply:My dog is nearly a year old, and he loves to chew. Fortunately he sticks to his toys. You just need to find ones that he enjoys. For every 4 I buy Archie, he only plays with one - typical child.

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Why is my chihuahua puppy not growing?

I have had many chihuahuas over the years, so I am very familiar with the breed. Now, I have a five month-old chihuahua puppy who does not seem to be growing at a normal rate. He weighed 1.5 lbs. when I got him at 8 weeks old and he is only about 3 lbs. now. His parents were not teacup. He still has all of his puppy teeth- I do not see any adult teeth at all. He had surgery for an inguinal hernia at 6 weeks of age and the breeder's vet neutered him at that time. Could the very early neutering have something to do with why he is growing so slowly? Are there any other health issues I need to worry about?

Why is my chihuahua puppy not growing?
early neutering may affect some animals differently. next time don't neuter your puppy that early. he is miss hormones and is now probably growing at slower rate.
Reply:if he doesnt start growing take him to the sure its nothing but check to be sure.
Reply:was he the runt? he may be developing at a slower rate becoz of that. he may "catch up" to the littermates size, but then again he may not. the hernia %26amp; early spay surgeries shouldn't stunt growth. Have u talked with your vet? have u questioned the breeder? I would DEF talk with BOTH of them!
Reply:Remember we are talking about a breed that tops out at 3 or 4 or 5 pounds, so you're saying he's gone from 1.5 to 3 pounds in about 3-4 months. That's doubling his size! Now the spaying at that early an age may be an issue. I'm sure they said, "Well, while we're in there..." but 6 weeks is WAY too early to neuter him.
Reply:He is probably just going to stay very small. He may gain another pound or so. One of my chis was 9 oz at 8 weeks, about 4 mo she was about 1.5 lb. Now she is 3.5 at 5 1/2 yr old. As long as he is healthy, I wouldn't worry about the size. I sold a chi pup at 4.5 mo that only weighed a pound. She matured at just over 2 lb. The teeth are just slow on coming in. My 3.5 lb chi didn't even get her baby teeth until she was 2 mo old.

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Our new pit bull puppy, she likes to bite my feet and mine alone...?

My husband brought home another puppy. When have a 1 1/2 year old male pug and a 9 month old male pit bull. When I was growing up all we had were pitbulls and boxers or a mix of them. This new female puppy that my husband brought home attacks my feet and my feet only. She totally loving for my husband and my 2 older boys. But with my she goes after my feet all the time and those little puppy teeth of hers are sharp. I will be sitting there and out of nowhere I have a puppy latched onto my ankle. Sometimes I have jumped and almost kicked her. I know she is just playing but why does she only do this to me? Is it because I am the only other female in the house? Or does she not like me?


Our new pit bull puppy, she likes to bite my feet and mine alone...?
If you just have sock feet that could be one thing or if you just have slippers that could be another thing. Just like people they have something they like so much and they know where they can get it and with the puppy your feet are something she like to bite and don't forget..sometime the smell of your feet. Men well maybe but not as much as a women. Find a raw hide chew stick or sticks. So each time she trys to go after your feet pull out the stick and start getting her use to that by placeing it in her mouth each time she thinks of biteing..and if you do this every day she will get the idea that the raw hide taste better and it something she can chew and not your feet. that way it will break her from biteing your feet.
Reply:I dont know we have a Yorkshire and he loves my sons feet only. Weird Huh?
Reply:Female trouble. Can you watch the Dog Whisperer or get his book. You have to establish with the little dog that you are the Top ****** in the house - she is dog playing with you now but it is an ingrown dominance thing dogs have. When she starts biting you lay her down on her belly while you sit or stand over her and hold her down until she quits struggling against you and remains peaceful and quiet - shhhhhsh her when she does something you do not like. After a time she will get the message. Also YOU can walk her and keep a firm hand on her leash and give her a good workout so she will be tired and not play puppy games - dogs really need exercise more than anything else other than food.
Reply:She is playing, but in reality, she is "herding" you or challenging you. She obviously already regards your husband and sons as dominant, but is gonna test YOU to the limit LOL

. You need to establish dominance/heirarchy with this puppy. My bullie did the same thing - you do NOT want this to continue as she grows, or it will become a problem. If she gets away with it, it will extend to visitors to the house, including children.

So... every time she does it (and right at the moment it starts)

Either growl or hiss "ssssttt!!" at her. Bend down and grab her by the scruff of the neck, or roll her over on her back (firmly, but gently - there is no need to hiurt her). Say "NO!" sternly. Don't ever pet her while she is behaving badly.

Never go to her. Call her to come to you, make her sit, then pet %26amp; reward her.

You are not horrible for having a pit bull - they are beautiful, loyal, loving companions. I think YOUR bullie got mighty lucky to join a family with you in it :-)

I wish all dogs had the same chance. Good luck with your girl.
Reply:My pit bull did the same thing to me when he was a baby, he will be six in May. He used to take my socks off when I came home from work. I think this is their way of bonding. I am his favorite in the family. This dog is my constant companion. I think shw will out grow this. I read somewhere that a dog likes to sniff the feet of humans, like it is a newspaper to them. Don't you just hate the pit bull haters out there? I just love my Max. He is the greatest dog. I think your new baby is going to end up being "your" dog, if you know what I mean. Max loves the family, but he is glued to me. have a good one! Enjoy the new baby!


If my puppy keeps attacking me amd biting me (doesnt have teeth) will he grow to be agressive dog?

If I try to play with him or pet him he just starts biting me and barking he does it sometimes, not all the time.

If my puppy keeps attacking me amd biting me (doesnt have teeth) will he grow to be agressive dog?
He's just playing, but you have to start setting boundaries now or he'll continue to bite and think it's OK. You need to have a toy ready for these occasions - when he bites, sternly say "NO" and stick the toy in his mouth. That way, he'll begin to associate "biting" with his toy, so use the same toy every time.
Reply:He is playing with you in the same manner he played with the other pups. Get a small stuffed toy and teach him to bite it not you!

Pups are a lot of work, get yourself a basic training book and raise dat dog right!
Reply:he's probably just playing with you, but you should start training him
Reply:Yes it is possible that he could become aggressive if he continues to bite you. You definitely want to teach your dog that biting is a bad thing. Grabbing him by the snout and tell him NO is probably the best solution. Eventually he will put two and two together and stop biting.
Reply:what breed of dog do you have?? try having play time and then after that time pet him and tell him no bite be very stern, buy the dog some chew toys he is probly teething and just keep after him and keep to the play and training daily
Reply:thump ur puppy on the nose when he/she is routty. it will teach it not to bite or chew on things also tell it "NO BITE" when u thump him/her.

good luck,
Reply:No way to know for sure at this time. I'm sure right now he's just playing. It really all depends on the breed and how it is raised. I mention breed because some breeds have a genetic tendency for something to snap inside their brains and cause viciousness. Ever hear of something called "Springer Rage?" Its a brain disorder some Springer Spanilels can get, causing them to uncontrollably turn vicious.
Reply:Don't let your puppy bite you. As soon as the puppy begins to bite flop it on its back (gently) and say "No"- this will teach your puppy that you are the top dog. Keep in mind that dogs are pack animals and it try to be the dominant one if you let it.

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