Sunday, August 2, 2009

Our new pit bull puppy, she likes to bite my feet and mine alone...?

My husband brought home another puppy. When have a 1 1/2 year old male pug and a 9 month old male pit bull. When I was growing up all we had were pitbulls and boxers or a mix of them. This new female puppy that my husband brought home attacks my feet and my feet only. She totally loving for my husband and my 2 older boys. But with my she goes after my feet all the time and those little puppy teeth of hers are sharp. I will be sitting there and out of nowhere I have a puppy latched onto my ankle. Sometimes I have jumped and almost kicked her. I know she is just playing but why does she only do this to me? Is it because I am the only other female in the house? Or does she not like me?


Our new pit bull puppy, she likes to bite my feet and mine alone...?
If you just have sock feet that could be one thing or if you just have slippers that could be another thing. Just like people they have something they like so much and they know where they can get it and with the puppy your feet are something she like to bite and don't forget..sometime the smell of your feet. Men well maybe but not as much as a women. Find a raw hide chew stick or sticks. So each time she trys to go after your feet pull out the stick and start getting her use to that by placeing it in her mouth each time she thinks of biteing..and if you do this every day she will get the idea that the raw hide taste better and it something she can chew and not your feet. that way it will break her from biteing your feet.
Reply:I dont know we have a Yorkshire and he loves my sons feet only. Weird Huh?
Reply:Female trouble. Can you watch the Dog Whisperer or get his book. You have to establish with the little dog that you are the Top ****** in the house - she is dog playing with you now but it is an ingrown dominance thing dogs have. When she starts biting you lay her down on her belly while you sit or stand over her and hold her down until she quits struggling against you and remains peaceful and quiet - shhhhhsh her when she does something you do not like. After a time she will get the message. Also YOU can walk her and keep a firm hand on her leash and give her a good workout so she will be tired and not play puppy games - dogs really need exercise more than anything else other than food.
Reply:She is playing, but in reality, she is "herding" you or challenging you. She obviously already regards your husband and sons as dominant, but is gonna test YOU to the limit LOL

. You need to establish dominance/heirarchy with this puppy. My bullie did the same thing - you do NOT want this to continue as she grows, or it will become a problem. If she gets away with it, it will extend to visitors to the house, including children.

So... every time she does it (and right at the moment it starts)

Either growl or hiss "ssssttt!!" at her. Bend down and grab her by the scruff of the neck, or roll her over on her back (firmly, but gently - there is no need to hiurt her). Say "NO!" sternly. Don't ever pet her while she is behaving badly.

Never go to her. Call her to come to you, make her sit, then pet %26amp; reward her.

You are not horrible for having a pit bull - they are beautiful, loyal, loving companions. I think YOUR bullie got mighty lucky to join a family with you in it :-)

I wish all dogs had the same chance. Good luck with your girl.
Reply:My pit bull did the same thing to me when he was a baby, he will be six in May. He used to take my socks off when I came home from work. I think this is their way of bonding. I am his favorite in the family. This dog is my constant companion. I think shw will out grow this. I read somewhere that a dog likes to sniff the feet of humans, like it is a newspaper to them. Don't you just hate the pit bull haters out there? I just love my Max. He is the greatest dog. I think your new baby is going to end up being "your" dog, if you know what I mean. Max loves the family, but he is glued to me. have a good one! Enjoy the new baby!


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