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Do some people get their CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES baby teeth pulled if they dont fall out?

I have a chihuahua puppy who is almost 3 months old. I have been reading about their ears because he only has one ear standing right now. I came across 2 articles that said that these people took their chihuahua puppies to the vet and they pulled the puppy's baby teeth that didnt fall out. Is that common in chihuahua's or any other dogs? If so, how will I know if he needs that done? He only has one ear standing, but I believe its still early for him and hes most definitely in the teething stage since he's not even 3 months yet.

Do some people get their CHIHUAHUA PUPPIES baby teeth pulled if they dont fall out?
You only need to pull the baby teeth if they don't fall out. I like to give them until 9-12 months to decide. Of five chihuahuas I'v had (and the 4 puppies raised who other people have), only one had teeth pulled (at 9 or 10 months), I let my other one go a little longer and they came out on their own. Usually the teeth you will see a problem with are the canines (generally the upper set more so than the lower).

As for ears, did the ear ever stand to your knowledge (it may have stood at the breeders before you got him)? If it has it will stand. If it hasn't, there is still a very good chance it will. Some chis take longer for their ears to stand and some have them stand and fall until one day they stay up. I have one that took almost a year before his ears stayed up and then if he was really asleep, they'd flop again. Now at 6 his ears are never floppy.
Reply:the baby teeth dont fall out until they are about 5 months old. if they dont fall out by then then i dont see why they shouldnt get pulled
Reply:Retained puppy teeth are usually only remved when they keep the adult teeth from coming in, or are growing the new teeth next to the puppy teeth. Your pup's teeth should begin falling out on their own at any time now..

This loss of puppy teeth and arrival of adult teeth usually starts around four months and finishes around six to eight months, the timing varies by breed and individual dog.
Reply:yes they can be pulled out. not till the puppy is 6 months old. then check with your vet. If you are going to get you puppy spayed then you can have it done at the same time.
Reply:Usually the deciduous teeth (baby teeth) start falling out about four months of age and the last teeth to come in are the canines at six months. Small breed dogs like Chi's and daschunds sometimes get retained baby teeth that can be removed while they are under anesthesia for their spay/neuter. It may take a while for the teeth to fall out, and the vet will pull them only if the adult teeth have come in and the baby teeth haven't fallen out yet. They take them out at this time to prevent malocclusions and cavities. Don't worry about it too much, it's a pretty routine thing that vets and techs are supposed to check for while the dog is in for a neuter. If you notice that the teeth haven't come out by the time the adult teeth have come in, ask your vet to pull them.

Good luck!
Reply:Any retained puppy teeth need to be removed. If there are what people call "two sets of teeth", or adult teeth in (usually the canines) when the baby teeth are still there, they need to be removed. If left in, they can mess up the dogs bite and bacteria and decay build up between the two teeth and cause bad breath and tooth decay.

Check with your vet if you think the baby teeth are not coming out.

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