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I have a miniature daschund puppy. What age will he lose his teeth? And what age will he be full grown?

It is very possible that the breeder gave you the wrong information. If it was not a registered AKC breeder than unfortunately it could have been what is known as a "backyard breeder" These breeders are in it for the money and not for the dogs. They breed their dogs several times each year and sell for a mid range price to get buyers and just earn as much money as possible. Usually they will "sell" their dogs as early as they can. You should NEVER take a puppy away from its' mother before 8 weeks old. It can cause behavior problems and health problems for the dog. Most puppies will start to lose their teeth around 3 months old to 6 months old. Age can actually be determined by looking at a puppies teeth. The biggest growth spurts occur before 6 months old. at 6 months you have aq good idea at the the dogs full size but most dogs are not considered full grown until 2 years old. alothough at 1 year the dog wont get much larger but will just grow muscle mass and "bulk out" per say. You should take your dog to the vet. Not only can they tell you the approximate age of the dog, they will vaccinate him with all of the proper vaccines he needs in order to be a healthy happy dog. Good luck with your new family member!

I have a miniature daschund puppy. What age will he lose his teeth? And what age will he be full grown?
same here. i have a mini dacshund and i love her to death. mine was grown at about i don't know 5 to 7 months old. or maybe 8 months one of those months. but she is beautiful queit annoying also. and she has only lost one of her baby teeths. but that was because i was playing tug-o-war with her.
Reply:mine started losing teeth at like 6 months. he is a year old now %26lt;3 they stop growing at about a year but from there they just fill out. but dont let him or her get too fat. that will hurt their backs!
Reply:I have had Dachshunds for about 10 years now. You will really enjoy having him around.

All puppies usually stat losing their baby teeth at about 5-6 months old. The best way to help when this starts to happen is to play tug with him. It helps to get the loose teeth out and is fun for the puppy.

About this time, too, they should be at their adult height. Then they start filling out their adult muscles. By the time they are 9-12 months old they are pretty much finished growing.
Reply:I love my dogs too.I have two minis one smooth red the other a longhair black and tan.Plus I also breed daschunds so in my experience about 9 to 11 months for the minis.Baby teeth should last about the same time ,but sometimes a little longer my Lucy still has one baby tooth left and she is a year and a half.Good luck daschunds rule!
Reply:What's the DATE on it's REGISTRATION PAPERS???

"Wut papers?"

Then you don't know WHAT you have ,let alone how old it is!!! Some lousy "breeder" THAT is %26amp; shame on you for being so GULLIBLE!!

Adult teeth should start coming in at 5 months.Dogs usually stop growing UP at 10-12 mons. %26amp; OUT at 18.

Those are AVERAGE ages,btw! No dog "reads the brochure".
Reply:my dauschund never, never lost his teeth
Reply:Dachshunds sometimes don't lose their baby teeth. You should keep an eye on this, and If they haven't fallen out by his/her one year check up then your vet will extract them, which is important to do because the adult teeth are there but they just need the room to come in and if you don't you could end up with HUGE dental problems later in life.

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