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4 week puppies have lil teeth when can i feed them puppy food ?

you can start feeding them puppy food now, you can try mixing some soft food in with dry food.They will still be nursing but its ok to introduce puppy food to them, most will eagerly gobble it down.

4 week puppies have lil teeth when can i feed them puppy food ?
As soon as they will eat it. And yes, you can feed them hard dog food....but I'd soak it in water for a bit, first.
Reply:At about six weeks you can start give them mushed up dog food. Start out making it really thin and gradually thicken it up.
Reply:You can start feeding them puppy food now, but soak it in milk. You should be able to completely wean them by 6 weeks.
Reply:I think when they are 6 weeks old???
Reply:I would let them still feed of the mother, when mother starts to not want to feed them anymore then try soft puppy food.
Reply:They should stay on just mothers milk until about 6 weeks, then try giving them puppy food (dry) made for puppies. If they have a hard time with it, you can put a little water in it to make gravy and soften it a little more, just don't put too much water so it is muchy. Don't do wet foods, leave that decision to their new owners if your going to be adopting them out.
Reply:at our kennels, we start with what we call "Puppy Gruel" this is best feed on kitchen or bathroom or other washable floor--- how we define Puppy Gruel is

+the highest quality dry puppy food that is best for your type of breed of dog mixed with small amount of cooked rice +sprinkled with powdered non-fat dry milk then + heat up canned chicken broth and pour the hot broth over the dry items. Next, mush with a fork (that is only necessary when they are 3-5 weeks old, after that, you gradually increase the courseness and decrease the amount of rice, milk %26amp; broth. 5-6 weeks stil add rice, milk %26amp; broth but in smaller amounts. between 6-7 weeks work towards straight dry puppy chow %26amp; plan to leave them on the same brand of puppy chow until 18month - 36 months depending on breed of the dog (read the bag)

Then while the Puppy Gruel is warm to the touch (think baby bottle temperature warm), put it in a round pie plate ideally with a bowl turned upside down in the middle to block the puppies that might think swimming in the food is fun %26amp; have fun watching the puppies rotate around the bowl growling at other..... this is one of my favorite parts of raising dogs.... the first handful of experiences with puppy gruel for each litter is priceless.

Plan on having a towl nearby to rub the Puppy Gruel off of paws %26amp; faces %26amp; other puppy parts (occasionally the entire puppy)

This is a normal time for the Momma to start weaning.... in nature the momma would then start serving the puppies regurgitated food... but we aren't in the wild... so the evolution of the dog is that Momma begins weaning %26amp; this is the indicator to introduce puppy gruel %26amp; begin the process of conversion to dry food

Feed 2 times per day puppy gruel %26amp; then also allow to nurse Momma
Reply:Yes of course! When we had puppies, we gave them rice with milk and they started eating from their parent's bowl that is filled with our edible leftovers and dog food. She hissed at them! Mum known (of course!) , Dad still unknown.
Reply:4 weeks is a good time to start offering tinned puppy food to tice them put a little of the gravy on your finger and wipe it on their lips so they can taste what they are missing out on by 6 weeks they should be fully weaned and at this point should be discouraged from pestering mum for milk
Reply:First, start feeding them Soft/Moist Puppy food. Then, when they are about 6 weeks old, start feeding them regular hard Puppy food. That's what I did with my dog. He is 8 weeks now, and eats Science Diet, Natures Best Puppy food.

Puppy's are still drinking milk when they are 3 weeks old, so since your puppy is gone from it's mother (idk if he is or not), and is 4 weeks old, you should give him soft food, since he is probably still getting used to eating something other than wet milk.
Reply:You can feed them now with dry puppy food moistened with water but not soaked. Only use water, cows milk is not good for them. With some of it still crunchy, the teeth will have help at getting cut in more. Only put out a small amount to start with so they get the idea of what it is. The same puppy food can be feed to mom to help put back some of the nutrients she is losing while nursing. If they see her eating it they are more likely to follow her lead. Over the next 2 weeks lessen to amount of water to food mixture until any dry is fed. About every third day decrease the amount of water used.

Make sure they have access to plenty of water daily now too. House breaking can start now too, just take them out very soon after they eat so they get the routine set.

At 8 weeks they get to begin to go to new homes, carefully check out the potiential owners, do a home visit if possible with them and ask where puppy is to kept while they're gone for the day. I do small animals rescues and adopt some out, but I have a age limit on a child in the home of 5 yrs. old. Any home with a 5 yrold or younger is disquatified from adopting one of my rescues. They can check back when the childs 6.
Reply:6 weeks

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